Porcelain Crowns

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porcelain-crowns-150x150I know that at some point, the majority of my patients will break or lose a tooth.

A crown is appropriate in cases where a tooth is severely damaged, but can still be salvaged. Dental crowns are made of a tooth-colored porcelain material to match the natural color of a tooth. They simply slip over your existing tooth for a natural result.

A crown works to strengthen, protect, and restore your tooth so that it can function properly and look beautiful. On back teeth, Dr. Smigielski often uses porcelain fused to metal for crowns. The metal foundation gives it extra strength. However, it makes the tooth look opaque instead of translucent. For this reason, on anterior teeth the use of all-porcelain crowns is prefered.

Crowns are often used to remedy the following problems:

  • Decay: After eliminating all the decayed tissue, your dentist places the crown over the tooth. The crown provides strength and helps to prevent further decay. A porcelain crown makes your damaged tooth look flawless!
  • Broken Teeth: We try to identify teeth that are weak and may break, and place crowns on those teeth to protect them. If you already have a broken tooth, a dental crown will completely restore it so it functions normally.
  • Other Tooth Damage: If you have a tooth that has been worn down, cracked, or damaged in any other way, a crown can prevent further damage by supporting and strengthening the tooth.

Missing Teeth: A crown is often used to anchor a dental bridge. A false tooth is suspended between two crowns, and the crowns fit over the adjacent teeth, fixing the bridge in place.

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